Our Work at Isla Power

Developing Independent Renewable Power Systems Worldwide


We are developing both grid-connected and grid-independent renewable energy projects, including large-scale solar PV, wind, hybrid energy systems, energy storage, and mini-grids.

We are particularly focused in areas where renewable energy and efficiency can reduce the cost of energy for both businesses and grid operators, all the while displacing traditional sources.

Project Finance

We assist local project developers to advance their renewable energy projects by connecting quality opportunities to global equity and debt financiers.

We also assist local companies to reduce their energy costs by arranging creative debt and equity solutions for them to own their own renewable power generation.

Power at the Grid-Edge

We believe the future of energy will involve a much greater independence from the traditional electrical grid. We can unlock the potential of your business to increase its independence and break your reliance on traditional sources.

In certain regions we offer power purchase agreements (PPAs) to businesses to help save them money over time versus the status quo, as well as decreasing their environmental impact.

Geographic Scope

We have a global scope and currently strongly focused in Argentina, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The opportunity though for grid independence will continue to expand to more regions across the world.

Islands All Around Us

Islanded Systems are power systems that can operate with and without the wider grid. An individual business or house can be considered an “energy island” by taking advantage of distributed power generation, as well as physical islands that are by their very nature islanded.

Isla Power takes its name from all the varied opportunities that exist to move from traditional power generation to one that is renewable and increasingly distributed.